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Reference to an image placed within the site template from an img tag


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Hi everyone! I admit it sounds a bit silly, but i can't do simply <img src="<?=$config->images_path.'pw3.png';?>" alt='pw-logo'>
($config->images_path i've defined in my config.php, it points correct). On the page it shows alt text though. What am i missing ? 😞


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The "correct output" you are showing is an absolute file path. On websites in the <img> tag you need an url relative to your site's root folder. That would typically be something like /site/templates/img/foo.jpg

Not sure why your path shows "site-news" instead of just "site" though.

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Yeah, seems like i need to refresh my knowledge on php fundamentals, much thankful for rapid help !:)
<img src="<?=$config->images_url.'logo.png';?>" alt="">
with corresponding line in config.php: $config->images_url = $config->urls->templates.'images/';

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