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[Solved] Struggling to make textarea/TinyMCE fields front-end editable on double-click


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Hi @bernhard,

I'm working on my first site using your superb RockPageBuilder and for some reason I can't seem to get Textarea/TinyMCE fields 'properly' front-end editable - instead, double-clicking just opens the modal for the block.  Standard Text fields are front-end editable, no problem.

I must be missing something obvious, but I can't see it.  I've installed your demo 'Text' block and the TinyMCE field works - even if I refactor your latte file to a basic view.php file (I'm using PHP view files for my blocks for now).  

I know that's not much to go on, but perhaps you might know of somewhere I can start to look?  As far as I can tell I've pretty much followed all the instructions quite carefully! Is there a hidden setting that I'm not seeing somewhere that makes these fields front-end editable?

Many thanks in advance,


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Hey @iank thx for your purchase 🙂 

The only thing to know is that $block is the variable for the block page and that $block->something requests the field value and $block->something() requests that field as frontend editable field, which is the same as $block->edit('something');

Does that already help? Other than that did you change the settings of the frontend editing module? I never touch these. Maybe you have a step by step guide to reproduce the issue?

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Thanks @bernhard, that's a good start!

It seems that $block->edit('something') does work for those (textarea/tinyMCE) fields, but $block->something() doesn't.  Yet it works for plain text fields.

I can see in the source that calling $block->something() for a textarea field doesn't output any of the frontend stuff (pw-editcopy, contenteditable etc.).  

I expect this isn't a RockPageBuilder problem but something else; I just haven't figured it out yet.  At least I can get it to work with the more verbose version.  

I did touch the frontend edit module settings briefly, but only after I encountered this problem; I thought maybe I had to switch on editing for those fields;  that didn't make any difference so I turned it off again.

If I can diagnose the problem I'll post back with further details.

I'm running PW 3.0.229, RPB 4.7.2, PHP 8.2

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You can also try changing the name of the field. Maybe that makes a difference? There is a naming convention for this feature! I'm heavily using prefixes and therefore it only takes the last part after the final underscore.

So a field my_great_textarea_field would be $block->field()

Maybe that's the issue?

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Aha, yes, that's it! 👍

I have a rich text summary field called "global_summary_rich" that I'm using across blocks.  

$block->edit('global_summary_rich'); //works
$block->global_summary_rich(); //doesn't work
$block->rich(); //works

Thanks @bernhard.  Now I know.  I might have to re-think my naming convention though..

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Here you go: https://www.baumrock.com/en/processwire/modules/rockpagebuilder/docs/fields-access/

Accessing Fields

All fields of your block will be available to your $block variable just like usual:

echo $block->your_field_name;
echo $block->edit('your_field_name');

Method Syntax

RockPageBuilder comes with a helper to make working with long fieldnames easier and less verbose. The reason for that is that when I create new blocks I always prefix all fields with the block template name. That way I can be sure that when I copy that block to another project the fieldnames don't collide with existing fields.

The problem here is that we end up with long fieldnames like this: rockcommerce_invoice_pdf.

When using RockPageBuilder you can do this:

echo $block->pdf();

This feature is actually a feature of RockMigrations' MagicPages module. You can also pass parameters to request a different state of the field:

$block->pdf(); // frontend editable field
$block->pdf(1); // using ->getFormatted()
$block->pdf(2); // using ->getUnformatted()

Note that the method call has to be the last part of the string after the final underscore:

// field foo_bar_baz

// field foo_something
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  • iank changed the title to [Solved] Struggling to make textarea/TinyMCE fields front-end editable on double-click

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