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PW 3.0.230 – Core updates and new LoginTimer module


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This week the ProcessWire core dev branch version has been bumped to 3.0.230. Currently we are about 10 commits ahead of the main/master branch. Relative to that branch, we have 5 issue fixes, 2 pull requests, major improvements to the wireIconMarkup() function and some minor improvements to the ProcessLogger module. We may merge these updates (among others) to the main/master branch as soon as next week. 

This week I also developed a new security module called LoginTimer that helps to prevent timing attacks in ProcessWire. Admittedly, I started this more for fun than anything, as I don't think timing attacks are a common problem in ProcessWire. But the more I got into it, the more I became aware of the potential dangers of timing attacks (particularly outside of the ProcessWire world). In any case, I now view it as an important security consideration and definitely thought we should have a module for it. Maybe someday we'll have it in the core too. The module is now available in the modules directory and on GitHub, and I wrote up a blog post to accompany the module and that is located here: 


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