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Weekly update – 30 June 2023


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This week, work continued on our next main/master version with 8 issue fixes (see dev branch commit log). In addition, the WireHttp class was updated with new delete(), patch() and put() methods which correspond to http methods of the same name, These might be used by web services in addition to the more common GET and POST methods. In prior versions of WireHttp, you could still use delete, patch and put methods, but had to use WireHttp::send() with the $method argument set to one of them. Now that there are separate class methods for these http methods, it makes them a little simpler to use and more clear in code. It may be that you never need these methods, or it may also be that you use a web service that uses them extensively. The more web services I work with, the more I come across them, and figured it would be good for WireHttp to have more clear support for them. 

I know things slow down in the summer, but we haven't had many submissions to the sites directory lately. If you have launched any sites using ProcessWire in the last year or so, and haven't submitted them to our sites directory, please submit your websites to the directory when you can. We really enjoy seeing what what people are building in ProcessWire. Thanks and have a great weekend!

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