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Multi-language pages without a language-specific root folder/name

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I have built several multi-language websites with an empty"/" page name for some languages on the homepage.

Multi-language URLs are thus /manual/ (EN) and /peliopas/ (FI) instead of /manual/ and /fi/peliopas/ for example. This has worked perfectly when page names are unique across languages.

For some reason this stopped working entirely on a website after transfer to a new server using Site Profile Exporter (minor update from an early 3 to 3.0.210 in the process).

Now unless I add names to the homepage for languages (/en/, /fi/ etc.) I can't browse translated versions of the pages. Only the default language is displayed even when opening the language-specific URL, say /peliopas/ in this case. Before the transfer page /peliopas/ was displayed in the correct language, now it displays the default language.

Has something changed in the multi-language support? Have I missed some configuration? Modules are installed, language versions are active, no exceptions in templates.

Thanks for any suggestions!

Screenshot 2023-06-02 at 15.45.41.png

Screenshot 2023-06-02 at 15.46.05.png

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Just a guess: I'd assume there will be a conflict when you visit your homepage (like domain.com) which then wouldn't know if English or Suomi should be served. Maybe it would help if you deactivate Suomi or English, just for the Homepage. The pages below might then just work.

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Thanks for the suggestion - tried this, does not solve the issue.

The homepage delivers the default language only; I have typically made a different page for the homepage in other languages (subpage with url /fi/ for example).

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