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Hi all,

I'm bringing back a site I had running a couple years ago, but I'm having one issues I have no idea how to fix and that is having a clean URL for a particular page.

For example, I need something that will convert  mysite.com/puzzle-page/?puzzleid=123 (which works as attended) to mysite.com/puzzle-page/123 

I've searched the .htaccess file, but don't see the rules I must have used before. Nor do I understand PW or htaccess files enough to figure out to do. 

Any help would be great!



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I'm not sure if it will help with your requirements, but there's a module I've used in the past that may help.

Although Mike Rockett is no longer maintaining the module, I think it still works, and may help:

I used it to map URLs of the kind you're talking about from a site I built before I discovered ProcessWire so that they'd still work in ProcessWire


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