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>I think the first thing you need to do here is work out your budget. How much money do you have to spend per month/year? Your budget will determine your hosting plan. You can always expand it later.

So, uh, I don’t really make anything right now as I am a high school student. But I’m hoping to get a job this summer.

>Secondly, how much experience with web development do you have? Have you ever had a website before, specifically, have you gotexperience running a web server? That will determine what type of hosting plan you have.

Outside of maybe one thing I did on Neocities (which, even then, I used a template), I will say my web dev progress is literally zero.

>For a personal project, you might be better off with shared hosting where you do not have to manage the server yourself (whether physical or virtual/cloud) - it is also cheaper.

I never thought about shared hosting. I was really thinking about getting a Linode server and running it on that. I want to run it on something fairly cheap and kinda fast. I don’t want to use Cloudfare because they go out a lot.

Other than that, I’m pretty new to everything here. I know, it’s a bit laughable to think of something super extensive, but I’m willing to start small if I have to.

Edit: I would want to have the PeerTube stuff explained on later. How would I integrate a video feature in my site?

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