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  1. @LMD >I think the first thing you need to do here is work out your budget. How much money do you have to spend per month/year? Your budget will determine your hosting plan. You can always expand it later. So, uh, I don’t really make anything right now as I am a high school student. But I’m hoping to get a job this summer. >Secondly, how much experience with web development do you have? Have you ever had a website before, specifically, have you gotexperience running a web server? That will determine what type of hosting plan you have. Outside of maybe one thing I did on Neocities (which, even then, I used a template), I will say my web dev progress is literally zero. >For a personal project, you might be better off with shared hosting where you do not have to manage the server yourself (whether physical or virtual/cloud) - it is also cheaper. I never thought about shared hosting. I was really thinking about getting a Linode server and running it on that. I want to run it on something fairly cheap and kinda fast. I don’t want to use Cloudfare because they go out a lot. Other than that, I’m pretty new to everything here. I know, it’s a bit laughable to think of something super extensive, but I’m willing to start small if I have to. Edit: I would want to have the PeerTube stuff explained on later. How would I integrate a video feature in my site?
  2. @LMD Your right. I’m new the programming and PW in general. I didn’t have a computer to fully test out anything, but I will start out with my comics first. As for video hosting, I was thinking we could have PeerTube baked in the site, so when you click a video, you watch it in the site and not go to a different website to watch a video (Think of Newgrounds and their video player). I’ll start small first, then come back when I’m working on bigger stuff edit: I do plan to use open source software for most of the features but I’m not sure if that would run up the costs of said site. I also plan to run my website off a Linode server, but again, not sure if that’ll raise the price.
  3. For the Users, I would say anyone could apply. Creators would be the people that I would know. As for the site, I’ll plan to start small with myself first, then slowly grow in size with my friends. My idea is that I start with my comics first, then I slowly grow into a webcomic portal for other people. I know my ambitions sound big but I do want to start small first lol
  4. So, for my webcomic site, I was thinking there can be two types of accounts. User and Creator accounts. Creator accounts can post novels, art, and videos on the site. While User accounts can like, comment, share, and repost Creators content, but can’t post any work of their own. This is so I can filter socks/spam accounts and quality control. How would the Creator and User accounts look on an Admin panel? What are some things I should know before going forward with this idea?
  5. Ohh, I see. I thought they were the same thing at first. Is it possible to use both then? I plan for uploading images straight too the site and do all the editing before uploading, but other users might need that. In all honesty, I might not need to use ImageMagick myself but will still have it on the site for others that might need it
  6. Exactly what the title says. Would ImageMagick work good for a webcomic site or is FileZilla the better option? How do they work and what’s the pros and cons of them?
  7. Hello! And thank you so much! How would I install separate PW instances? Would I have to make another LAMP stack for the 2nd instance or can both sites run of of one LAMP stack but just be two separate instances?
  8. One I plan to be a personal site and the other I plan to be more of a webcomic hosting site. First for myself and then gradually expand into a webcomic portal site. Although, I’m not sure if PW is capable of running such a site, especially when one may be bigger than the other. They’ll both be ran on a LAMP server, but I want to know before I attempt anything.
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