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PW 3.0.205 – Core updates + new ListerPro Page Action module


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This week we have ProcessWire 3.0.205 on the dev branch. Relative to 3.0.204, this includes 23 new commits including several refactored classes, issue resolutions, several pull requests and various new features. While there's no single major new feature to write a blog post around, there's still a lot here so for full details see the dev branch commit log.

This week there's also a new module released in the ListerPro board called PageActionCrawl. This is a ListerPro PageAction module that crawls all pages sent to it. You can use this to crawl your entire site, some portion of pages within it, or even crawl external URLs referenced in URL fields. This is useful for any number of things such as priming caches, finding errors, quality assurance, doing security testing and more. Features include:

  • Supports crawling with GET, POST or HEAD requests.
  • Supports optional query strings and/or URL segments.
  • Reports the HTTP response code and render time for each URL.
  • Highlights error URLs (http code >= 400) in red.
  • Optionally supports crawling of multiple URL variations per page.
  • Supports inclusion of custom POST variables in POST requests.
  • Supports page URLs or URLs stored in FieldtypeURL fields.
  • Supports success and error hooks for custom behaviors on crawled URLs.

Speaking of ListerPro actions, I've moved all of the 9 ListerPro action modules into their own new subforum of the ListerPro support board, so if you subscribe to ListerPro be sure to look for the new ListerPro Page Actions board in there. That's also where this new PageActionCrawl module is posted. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

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