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[SOLVED] make locked pages editable for superusers


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Is ist possible to make locked pages editable for superusers? If a page ist locked I want to prevent the client to edit it, but would like to make changes myselft without unlocking and then locking the page again.

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Haven’t thoroughly tested it or anything, but this hook seems to work:

wire()->addHookBefore('ProcessPageEdit::execute', function(HookEvent $event) {
    /** @var Page $page */
    $page = $event->object->getPage();

    //ProcessPageEdit does roughly this to figure out if it’s dealing with a save request. if it isn’t, we don’t care
    if (!count($_POST) || (int)input()->post('id') !== $page->id)

    //if the page isn’t locked -> don’t care
    if (!$page->isLocked())

    //if it’s locked and we’re a superuser, unlock
    if (user()->isSuperuser()) {
        wire()->message('leet hax, you just edited a locked page.');

        //You don’t need to re-lock the page here, because the Locked checkbox is
		//sent with the page edit form, so saving will set it to the desired value

I would have hooked processSave directly, but it’s not hookable.


Bonus tip: You can change the warning that says “This page is locked for edits” if you put this in the hook:

if (user()->isSuperuser())
    $event->object->noticeLocked .= ', but I’ll make an exception for you because you’re such a pleasure to be around';


Btw, you can always edit locked pages from the API as a superuser.

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  • jploch changed the title to [SOLVED] make locked pages editable for superusers

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