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Textarea from front-end gets truncated

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Input from a textarea field via the front-end gets truncated; only the 246 characters (with spaces) get saved, nothing longer.

When I enter text for the same body field via the admin back-end there is no limit and it also shows up fine on the front-end, but when I edit and save that same longer text from my front-end form, it gets cut at the same spot around 246 chars. 

I have tried with and without Ckeditor, but that makes no difference. I guess I can eliminate Ckeditor as a possible cause.

What else could it be? This may be related or not. Any other ideas appreciated. 

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How do you process the input? $sanitizer in use? If so, wich sanitizer method?

You can debug the input directly before any processing with the raw $_POST or $_GET super globals of PHP to see if there arives more then the 246 chars. (And then go further step by step)

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