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Can you still use symlinks to js, css etc for multisite sites using index.config.php?

Chris Bennett

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Hi wise ones, have been going round in circles for a while, so figured I'd ask it's possible before going down the rabbit hole again.
If it is possible, I'd love to maybe get a nudge in the right direction.

I'm playing around with multisite using index.config.php and I can't get the usually simple symlink stuff for CSS/JS etc working.

Have confirmed that I can access the directories and files and create the symlink.
Unlike single site install, which has always been delightfully simple, I can't seem to get it working.

Am I missing something really obvious or does it just not work because of the index.config.php symlinks to the site itself?

As always, any pointers in the right direction are much appreciated.

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Not meaning to raise a zombie thread, but in case others have this question...

Instead of symlinks, it may make sense for you to set up a root installation that holds all of the things you'd like to share and then alter config paths in your config file...

So for example, in a /site-realsite/ installation with a root /site/ install where you keep all of the module code you want to share between multisite installs:

$config->paths->siteModules = $config->paths->root . 'site/modules/';
$config->urls->siteModules = $config->urls->root . 'site/modules/';

My guess is you could also do the same thing with scripts and styles paths? or at least your templates path.

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