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Selector for Repeater entry


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I am still exploring how PW works and I am facing this issue:

I want to create a selector for a field that is PageReference type (AsmSelect) inside the repeater field. It goes like this:

Relation to Document:

Select: (you pick Document/Documents) 

Type: (you pick type/types of relation which are also pages)


This is how I find the pages that have current page in the Repeater field, it works:

$selector_doc = "template=Document, relation_document_document.relation_document_document_select=$page->name";

But the problem is with how to filter based on repeater entry, meaning if there are multiple entries (its a different repeater, but identical):


How do I say "if SELECT == '$page->name', then print it "select and type"?

Because now it just loops through all of the Relation entries, but I want it to show me only the one that has current page in Select:


My code: 

$techniques = new PageArray();
$selector_tech = "template=Technique, relation_technique_substance.relation_technique_substance_select=$page->name";
if (sizeof($techniques) > 0) {
    echo "<div class='field-cont'>";
    echo "<div class='field-name'>Linked techniques:</div>";
    echo "<div class='trick'>";
    echo "<div class='field-lists tech'>";
    foreach ($techniques as $tech) {
        foreach ($tech->relation_technique_substance as $relation_technique_substance) {
            $arraySelect_trick = $relation_technique_substance->relation_technique_substance_select;
            $arrayType_trick = $relation_technique_substance->relation_technique_substance_type;
            echo "<div class='field-relation'>";
                ////here needs to be If()///
                echo "<div class='select'>";
                echo "<li><a href='$tech->url'>$tech->title</a>";
                echo "</div>";
                echo "<div class='type'>";
                foreach ($arrayType_trick as $item) {
                    echo "<span>$item->title</span></li> ";
                echo "</div>";
                 /// end if
            echo "</div>";


    echo "</div></div></div>";






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  • Ksenia changed the title to Selector for Repeater entry

A few suggestions:

1. It's best to match using a page's ID rather than its name, because the ID is globally unique but the name is not. So instead of...

$pages->find("template=Technique, relation_technique_substance.relation_technique_substance_select=$page->name")

...you can do...

$pages->find("template=Technique, relation_technique_substance.relation_technique_substance_select=$page->id")

...and because the string value of a Page object is its ID it's typical to do...

$pages->find("template=Technique, relation_technique_substance.relation_technique_substance_select=$page")


2. You don't need to create a PageArray and add pages to it because $pages->find() already returns a PageArray. So this...

$techniques = new PageArray();
$selector_tech = "template=Technique, relation_technique_substance.relation_technique_substance_select=$page->name";

...can be simplified to...

$techniques = $pages->find("template=Technique, relation_technique_substance.relation_technique_substance_select=$page");


3. PageArrays have a count() method/property, so rather than...

if (sizeof($techniques) > 0) {


if ($techniques->count) {


4. To answer your main question, the value of a Repeater field is a (Repeater)PageArray so you can use ->find($selector) to search within it.

foreach ($tech->relation_technique_substance->find("relation_technique_substance_select=$page") as $relation_technique_substance) {

Now any Repeater items where relation_technique_substance_select does not include $page will be excluded.

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