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[SOLVED] Custom user fields don’t work anymore


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Hi everybody,
some time ago I implemented a blog in ProcessWire with the comments function. The comments have avatar images which were displayed based on the commentators email address. To manage the avatar images and some other data, I added custom fields to the user template. This used to work perfectly, but today I noticed that the avatar images were missing.

$user = users()->find("email=mail@example.com");
echo $user->first()->get('name'); // works perfectly
echo $user->first()->get('user_display_image'); // doesn't work anymore

UPDATE: I just found out, how to get the field value again. One has to check the option »Make field value accessible from API even if not viewable«. Screenshot:


I assume, the functionality must have been changed sometime between 2019 and 2021. With the above setting it works again.

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