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Right - as part of my efforts to show off more of the work we've done recently, here's a site we launched earlier this year.

On The Record are a not-for-profit that specialise in oral histories and creative media. We've done a few nice projects with them ( A Hackney Autobiography was a lovely project we did with them in our pre PW days).

A creative design was very important to them as well as being accessible and usable.

There's not too much bespoke backend coding going on. We needed to provide them with a way of easily adding audio and video files but that was mostly done using normal fields and a modified version of Ryan's TextformatterVideoEmbed module adapted for use on plain text fields.

Apart from that, it's just the usual supects for extra modules:

and Macrura's ProcessDocumention module which we normally use for provide help pages in the admin area.

The front end is pretty much bespoke but with a few components lifted from various places; looks like we used Bootstrap grid for one.
It's another site where we used CSS filter properties to apply a consistent look and feel to images the client uploads.

I think it looks nice anyway and the client is very happy with it and took to using the PW admin with no problems.



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