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i have some bad news that i personally consider as good news ? the short answer is... no
well, i could quote one on sell at codecanyon, the seavuel hotel but, honestly i would strongly advise you not to use it even if you could want to buy it, install it and have a look at how things are done

PW gives you exactly the opposite way of working than wordpress, you just install sort of a frameworks with a fantastic CRUD admin
even this admin, you'll have to build the one you need with the fields you need and only those, the templates you create and pages to which you'll attibute those template, and so on
this makes you think the right way, you website is unique and so will be its back-end

i have made two restaurants websites with PW (https://www.restaurantilgrano.com/https://www.restaurantlafamiglia.com/ ) for the same company/owner but starting each time with a blank site helped me not to try adapting the website to the CMS and a theme but adapting the CMS to what i needed and that is all PW is about
i understand that, at first, it may sound like more work to do but, soon, you'll find out it's far less heartburns to come ?

do have a try at it, you won't regret it ?

have a nice day

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