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2getmore - our agency website


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Well its about time, after using ProcessWire for years (and loving it) to share some projects we have done with it.

This is our own agency website 2getmore.at
we build websites, online shops and apps for our customers. Also we support them with their online marketing needs like ads, SEO and Social Media.



Plugins used

Breadcrumb Dropdowns
Custom Inputfield Dependencies
Email two-factor authentication
Form Builder PRO
General site settings (Process)
Map Marker
ProCache PRO
ProDrafts PRO
ProFields: Repeater Matrix PRO
Seo Maestro
SVG File Sanitizer/Validator
TOTP two-factor authentication
Tracy Debugger
Wire Mail SMTP

Other tech

We use the functions API. As the output strategy we are very happy with markup regions.
For the Frontend we use UIkit which we also love just like ProcessWire.

I will be posting some of our projects done for customers as well in the next couple of weeks.

Happy to be part of the ProcessWire community, I am not very active in the forums but when i have questions people are always very supportive.

Looking forward to your Feedback.

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