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Weekly update – 20 August 2021


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This week the dev branch contains about a dozen issue fixes relative to this time last week. (commit log) While these are all relatively minor things, some have been around awhile and it's always nice to get them figured out. Plus it's often a good opportunity to iterate and improve upon related things in the process. While I think we're very close to being ready to merge to the master branch, I'm going to give it a few more days just in case. I want to make sure no new issues arise (no matter how small) as a result of all the commits we've been doing over the last few weeks with GitHub issue resolutions. Most likely there won't be many more commits on the dev branch before the merge, and perhaps by this time next week, we'll have version 3.0.184 as our next master version. Following that, I'll write up a post that documents everything new relative to the previous master version 3.0.165, as there has been quite a lot! But if you want to upgrade now, I do think there's very little risk in upgrading existing master/main installs to the current dev branch, as it is quite stable at this point, in my experience. Thank you for all of your help in testing and/or reporting issues. Have a great weekend!

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