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PW 3.0.183 – Core updates


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Relative to ProcessWire 3.0.182, today's version (3.0.183) contains about 30 commits and resolves 23 issues. It also contains various small tweaks and improvements throughout. For example, when editing the title of a page, it updates the headline as you type in the page editor (in Uikit and Reno admin themes). I think we've got another 1-2 weeks of these kinds of updates (resolving issues and minor improvements) before we release the next master version, and am currently thinking that version will carry version number 3.0.184. I'm also continuing work here on the page snapshots module I wrote about earlier, but am going to wait releasing it until the next master version is complete. If you have a chance to test out ProcessWire 3.0.183 on the dev branch, please let us know how it works for you, and especially if you run into any issues. Thanks for being here and have a great weekend!

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