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Using $cache to cache HTML


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I tend to use $cache to cache JSON in the database, which is great, but I need to return HTML markup from a JS fetch and I'm unsure how to use PW to return cached HTML.

Below is how I do it for JSON but could anyone lend a hand for HTML?

$segments = array($input->urlSegment1, $input->urlSegment2, $input->urlSegment3);

$data = array();

if ($segments[0] === 'v1' && $segments[1] === 'portfolio') {

	$response = $cache->get('apiPortfolio');
	if (!$response) {
		$portfolio = array();
		$projects = $pages->find("template=project, sort=-date");
		if (count($projects)) {
			foreach ($projects as $project) {
				$portfolio[] = array(
					'id' => $project->id,
					'title' => $project->title
		$response = $portfolio;
		$cache->save('apiPortfolio', $response, "template=portfolio");
	$data['response'] = $response;

} else {
	header('Content-Type: text/html');
	throw new Wire404Exception();

$dataJson = wireEncodeJSON($data);

header('Content-Type: application/json');
echo $dataJson;


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In your code you are storing an array $portfolio to the cache.

To store HTML you would use the same logic as for storing an array but store an HTML string instead. How you create the HTML string is totally up to you. It could be the return value of a $page->render() call or anything else.

Simplified example

$response = $cache->get('my-html-cache');
	if (!$response) {
		$html = $page->render(); // render a page
		// OR
		$html = $files->render('path-to-template.php'); // render page data with a custom template file
		// OR
		$html = '<h1>Cached Headline</h1>' // simple HTML string
		$cache->save('my-html-cache', $html, "template=portfolio");


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