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Long time no post. Here's my latest:


Mais Liberdade is a liberal think-tank in Portugal, promoting the values of liberal-democracy, individual freedom and free market economy. It's a non profit that gathers collaboration from people from multiple portuguese political parties, members of the european parliament, economists, professors, etc.

During development, an announcement page was set up with a registration form for founding members. In that period of about a month, around 200 subscriptions were expected, but in the end we got over 6000 subscribers.

This website features essays, events, videos and a free library that, at the time of this post is counting 400 books.

The frontend was built using web components (Stencil js). Basic pages are built with a modular approach, I'm attaching a video of how they are created. The approach is a simple repeater with a custom block type selector interface. That selector is basically a modified version of FieldtypeSelectFile. I've hacked that module to expect a PNG to be available for each PHP file in the blocks folder, and modified the input field to generate a button grid after the select.

This is lovely to use from the editor's perspective, but it's something to improve for the developer experience, because in the end this is a repeater, that has to contain all fields that each type of block needs, and for each of those fields I have to set it to show only if the blockType field equals X, Y or Z. With a lot of different block types this takes some planning and easily becomes hard to manage, but it's the best approach I found yet and the benefit for the editor's experience is well worth it.

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