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Weekly update – 9 October 2020


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Last week I told you how I was working on a getting a new Stripe payment method working with FormBuilder… and I’m still working on it. That wasn’t exactly the plan. Stripe isn’t quite as easy to work with as it used to be, or maybe Stripe thinks I’m not as easy to work with as before. Either way, I’m learning, and it’s been a good opportunity to expand FormBuilder with its own class for plugin “action” modules. Hopefully some of this work on the Stripe side can apply for other payment methods, or any type of action you’d want to take with a form submission. It’s probably going to take another week or so before this module is ready to release in the FormBuilder board, but it’s going to be built well and accompany a new version of FormBuilder too (that supports these plugin actions by way of PW modules). Having these actions as ProcessWire modules opens up new doors for FormBuilder, and I may even move some of the built-in actions (like saving to Google Sheets) into this type of module, which would be nice for hooks and maintainability. 

There’s not a lot to report on the core side this week. There are a few commits and improvements, but not yet enough where I’m ready to bump the version to 3.0.168. One small but useful improvement is that handling of selector queries for words with apostrophes has been improved. One of my clients noticed they were having trouble with their site search engine matching terms like “Alpe d’Huez” and “L’estello”, and so our page finding engine has been improved to narrow them down with the fulltext engine and then find the exact matches with regular expression queries. This improvement enhances most of the partial text matching operators. It also solves the issue of there being different kinds of apostrophes (ascii straight vs utf-8 curly), among other things.  

Overall the core is running running very smoothly on the dev branch, so I’m thinking we may try and do another merge to master before 3.0.170. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend! 

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