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PageTable: Automatic Page Name Format is not working anymore


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The feature Automatic Page Name Format of the PageTable field has stopped working after a ProcessWire upgrade.


I was using the following configuration string, which worked perfectly before:

The config string was interpreted as PHP date format, where you can escape characters to mark them as non-date-formatting characters. The PHP docs state the following:grafik.png.25c4b2cc7ad8bd83c1fb844758d3389c.png

PageTable generated the page names like the following example: 2017-03-13_12-17-24_download

But after a ProcessWire upgrade (I assume it must have been version 3.0.123) the page names are now generated as follows: y-m-d-h-i-s-d-o-w-n-l-o-a-d

The config field settings description now states:


If the name format contains any non-alphanumeric characters, it is considered to be a PHP date format. If it contains only alphanumeric characters then it will be used directly, with a number appended to the end (when necessary) to ensure uniqueness. Example: Ymd:His is a good name format for date/time based page names.

So, I tried several other configurations, like:
Y-m-d:H-i-s \d\o\w\n\l\o\a\d

Which renders the date part correctly, but the string "download" is unfortunately also processed as a date format.

I assume the configuration setting is somehow filtered by ProcessWire before it is passed to the php date function. This was not the case in older versions of ProcessWire. Sorry, I haven't the time to test with which version the behaviour changed. The feature stopped working somewhere in january 2019, so I assume it must have been the upgrade to ProcessWire 3.0.123.

Has anyone similar issues with the Automatic Page Name Format in PageTable?


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