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RockBirthday - show a happy birthday popup to users


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Today one of my dearest customers "Claudine" has her 50th birthday!! ??

She works a lot with their PW-based Software and I thought it would be nice to show her a birthday popup on the next login:



ProcessWire module to show a happy birthday message within a given period after birthday.


Just install the module and customize it via hooks in /site/init.php (not ready.php!)

// dont show message after set maxDays
$wire->addHookAfter("RockBirthday::setConfig", function($event) {
  $event->object->maxDays = 30; // 14 is default

// get date of birth of user
// must return a timestamp (int)
$wire->addHookAfter("RockBirthday::getBirthdate", function($event) {
  $user = $this->user;
  $event->return = $user->getUnformatted('your_birthdate_field');

// get markup of message
$wire->addHookAfter("RockBirthday::getMarkup", function($event) {
  $user = $this->user;
  $html = "<h1>Happy Birthday, {$user->name}!</h1>";
  $event->return = "<script>vex.open({unsafeContent: \"$html\"});</script>";




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