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Get pages by multilanguage <option> value/title

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Is there any ideas how to find pages by it's translated value of Select Options field title?

For example i want to get pages in current language by some option title:





No idea why italian version returned me empty results.

$type = $sanitizer->text($input->get->type);
$input->whitelist('type', $type);

if($type) {
	$results = $pages->find("template=encyclopedia-item, encyclopedia_item_type.title={$type}, limit=5, sort=title");
else {
	$results = $pages->find("template=encyclopedia-item, limit=5, sort=title");

foreach($results as $result) {
	echo $result->title;

$data contain value Precious/Preziosa

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Not 100% sure, as I do not work with options fields, but if you want to search for title values other the default language, you need to add the ID of that language to the fieldname. As example, if your italian language would have the ID 1020, you would have to query for:






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