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Edit the Social Media Icons on footer

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Can anyone help me: how to edit the social media icons on footer section? 

My website is: writerlocations.com

Attaching the Image for the same too:


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Hi @Mithlesh I gave a quick look to your site html source code, it seems social media icons are made using Font Awesome, by calling their classes 'fa-twitter' 'fa-facebook' 'fa-linkedin-square':


If you wish to modify them you should work on the footer of your profile, changing the section above in site/templates/_main.php. If you need any further help please let me know. 

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Hi @Mithlesh,

It depends on how the HTML for the icons is being generated. If they are hard-coded, then @Edison is correct and you can look at his solution. If, on the other hand, they are being generated by template code from data stored in the database (this is how I tend to build it so that the client can modify the social icons without me) then you will need to look a little deeper. Check the code that generates the icons (_main.php is likely) and see if it calling the PW API. If so, it will show you where to go in the admin.

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