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Module: Page Render IP Restriction


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This module adds basic capability to restrict page rendering to selected number of IP addresses. Note: this is only meant to be used as an additional security measure in addition to typical username/password authentication or something similar, not on it's own!

Currently individual IPs (, IP ranges ( and CIDR format ( are supported. You can also decide whether restrictions should apply to a) admin area and b) authenticated users. By combining these two options you could create a site with public access restricted to selected IPs while still allowing users outside those addresses to have full access after authenticating.

Better description can be found from README. And once again: all comments, bug reports, feature suggestions etc. are more than welcome! So far everything seems to work as planned, but I haven't had the chance to test this nearly as thoroughly as I'd like (that's also why this little cutie is flagged "Beta" in the modules directory..) :)



How to install

Copy PageRenderIPRestriction folder to your /site/modules/, go to Admin > Modules, hit "Check for new modules" and install Page Render IP Restriction. That's it.

How to use

Default out-of-the-box settings don't introduce any restrictions. You can edit module settings (Admin > Modules > Page Render IP Restriction) to include those IPs you wish to allow access to your site for. Once you've filled in at least one IP address and saved module settings restriction will be immediately effective.

Please note that if you fill in at least one IP address and check both "Restrict admin access" and "Restrict access for authenticated users" you will no longer be able to reach Admin without valid IP. Make sure that you've tested everything properly before turning those options on (and avoid turning them on at all unless you're 100% sure that you know what you're doing)

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