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I just added a new Minimal Site Profile for ProcessWire 3x...


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This profile can be used as a simple business card or it can be used as a starting profile.


Live Example

Can download from this link:

Basic Info

  • Most of the profile settings and translates are in the _init.php file.
  • Functions can be found in the _func.php file.
  • The entire view is rendered in the _main.php file that uses markup regions.
  • You can easily add hooks using the ready.php file.

Options page added with the new “Unique” status, which you can use in this simple way like:








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Thanks for sharing. It's nice to see you're using the newer API additions such as $page->if() and setting(). I get excited when I learn about these from the blog posts, but then I forget to use them in my new projects…


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Thanks ... I am also of the opinion that it is great to have a good basis for further development of the profile that contains the latest additions API ... I think that this profile should be quite simple for users, given that all the latest features are described on the blog ... Anyway, it's nice that it comes in handy ...

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