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Restrict pages in "insert link" autocomplete dialog

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The autocomplete feature of the "link insert" is absurdly useful. However it quickly becomes flooded with similar sounding pages in my setup.

Is there a way to filter/exclude certain branches of the page tree from here?


I tried this setting for the unwanted "/menu/" branch but it still shows up:



In an ideal world, each "insert link" dialog would be customizable. Example: The "insert page"dialog fro a page under "/faq/" would show only URL matches of page tree branch "/tech/", etc.

Does this make sense?

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You can use a hook like this in /site/ready.php:

$wire->addHookBefore('InputfieldPageAutocomplete(name=link_page_url)::render', function(HookEvent $event) {
	$inputfield = $event->object;
	// Get the page being edited
	$page_id = $event->wire('input')->get->int('id');
	$edited_page = $event->wire('pages')->get($page_id);
	// If the edited page is one that you want to target
	if($edited_page->template == 'basic_page') {
		// Append to the findPagesSelector property to exclude pages you don't want to match
		$inputfield->findPagesSelector .= ', has_parent!=/menus/';


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