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Multi site web portal project for European grant

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I'm looking for experienced developer for a start-up project aimed to win a grant from European Union.

The project is a web portal for topics related to biodiversity and farming techniques in the rural area of Europe, specifically in the Alps region.

The idea is to build a Processwire website for a region, an Italian valley, and later cloned it for other instances, probably as subdomains. As an indicative example: valsusa.europroject.com should be cloned to valdinon.europroject.com, etc.

I am able to take care of all aspects of the single websites, but I will later need a hand on how to clone and optimise the many websites into a single portal, especially in terms of maintenance and performance.

Now the bureaucratic part: the EU requires to work in partnership with many players. I am looking for a developer that is able to create an account under the EU projects portal as a company, or a self employed person, with real experience on the project here described. In other words: you should be able to prove that you are a professional with the required skills. Here some details on how to register as a partner (pdf) https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/fpfis/wikis/spaces/flyingpdf/pdfpageexport.action?pageId=311133227

This is the European website where we will apply for our project

The other thing we need to act before the 23rd of January, in two weeks time... This is the deadline to propose the project. In this short period I need to find a partner/developer that can join the team, if we win the grant then later we can start to work on the details, probably in 6 months time. The developer doesnt need to be European, but if we need to meet in person it helps if the developer is here in Europe.

In terms of money involved, please come up with an indicative figure on how the project above can be accomplished and your relevant retribution for your consultancy/practical job.

For any questions please write to me on europroject [at] carburo [dot] net

Thank you all and I hope I have stimulated your interest,



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Hello Giulio, 

I might be able to help you. Please mail me at: troy(dot)cis20(AT)gmail(dot)com and $kype: cis.troy for more discussion. 

Looking forward


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Hi Giulio,

Sounds like a challenging and exciting opportunity, and something that is well within my expertise.
I would definitely be interested in this.

You can reach me on andrewjohnson56782@gmail.com

Best Wishes,

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