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Is it possible to sync two installations ?

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Is it possible to sync two installations in this way?

Site ----------> DB1
Site-dev ----> DB2

On site-dev I realize all my changes etc ...
When I finish I would like to move all the changes made in site-dev + DB2 to Site without losing the information contained in the DB1 but only updating and modifying the DB1 in the parts that have been changed or are missing.

In other words: I have to do a series of updates. But while I work the main site continues to exist and to regulate users and orders. This new data is not uploaded to the dev-site. So when I have finished making the changes I will miss the data that have been created in the meantime, and if I reload the db I lose this data.

How can it be done?
I would not like to export and import users and orders manually.
Is there a way to synchronize the two installations, that they don't overlap but that they complete themselves?

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This was posted 15h ago also in the general support forum and has several links to related topics:

If you have any specific questions it would be nice to let us know what kind of research you've already done and what options you've already tried out...

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Thank you @bernhard, I see the post after post this topic. Before to write I was looking in the search bar for  "Git" and other kayword but this post not show up. 

Before to write this post I find other posts but dosen't really resolve my doubt. I hoped there was a simpler solution those in the posts below that are very complex solution. But I can understend that maybe thare aren't a easy way. Probably you have say the faster way use import/export tools. 




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