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"In bianco e nerd", now powered by PW!

Francesco Mugnai

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Dear All,

I'm really proud to show you my first site done with ProcessWire! ❤️ 

It's called "In bianco e Nerd" and it's the official site of a very active italian nerd community. 
This is the url: https://inbiancoenerd.com/
Actually it's a quite complex website, I'm using different templates for almost every section and a huge part of the code is dynamic (for example on the single posts i can choose from the backend to move down the title, i can change completely  the header, the colors and the featured image).
Then there's a special section (https://inbiancoenerd.com/links-fighi/) that is a link gallery where i post cool stuff and you can filter the results using Algolia.
And...it's full of easter eggs too ?
Right now i'm using these modules:
- AdminOnSteroids
- ColorPicker
- ProFields
- Social Share Buttons
- And the wondeful ProCache (it works like a charm) ❤️ 
- And soon I'll use ImageOptim too ?
Server/hosting: Cloudways (DigitalOcean) + Cloudflare
ProcessWire: 3.0.105
Hope you like it! 
Please let me know your thoughts!
Right now i'm trying to promote ProcessWire in Italy because, in my personal opinion, it's one of the best CMS i've ever tried in the last 15 years of my career.
So, thank you so much for this fantastic tool and thank you all for this amazing community.
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Thank you, Bernhard!

I'm glad you like the GDPR page! Obviously I've all the legal stuff too on the footer but i wanted to explain (not in a verbose mode) what i'm doing for the privacy of my users.

And about the Uikit...I absolutely love it and I'm planning to use it in a future project! ?



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