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i can't get this to work ... im trying to add an item in the center of my pagearray.

     // create new variable, shuffle array
     $imgShuffle = $folio->shuffle();

     // count array items, divide by two to get logo position on grid
     $count = $imgShuffle->count();

     // where to put the logo?
     $logoPosition = $imgShuffle->count() / 2;

     // round position
     $logoPositionRound = round($logoPosition);

     // target replaceimage
     $replaceImage = $imgShuffle->eq($logoPositionRound);

     // get replacing image (logo center)
     $logoCenter = $pages->get('/folio/amsterdam/')->child();

     // replace images
     $imgShuffle->replace($replaceImage, $logoCenter);


what am i missing?

thank you!


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