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Note: this functionality is now built into AdminOnSteroids.


I wanted to hide the Tree dropdown menu for some roles, so I made this simple module.




Allows the Tree dropdown menu to be hidden for selected roles.


Install the RestrictTreeDropdown module.

In the module config select one or more roles to hide the Tree dropdown menu from.

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Hi Teppo,

As a superuser I find the Tree menu great, but I have some roles for whom edit access is quite limited - most pages in the site are not editable by them. For those roles I think the Tree menu is less useful and it can be confusing. If you click a page in the Tree menu that you do not have edit access for you are taken to view that page in the frontend. I think that is unexpected and not helpful to the user. At the time I made the module there was no way to visually distinguish between editable pages and non-editable pages, although I think Ryan plans to fix that soon (might be done in v3.0.60).

Also, although the pages shown in the Tree menu are the same as those shown in the page list, my perception is that it makes some of the pages that site editors don't need to concern themselves with (e.g. the FormBuilder iframe page, the 404 page) more prominent than they are in the page list. I could see myself having to deal with support requests from clients confused about what they see when they click these pages.

I didn't think the Tree menu was worth it for those roles so wanted to selectively remove it.

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