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find page by date

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i have a question about find page
when i try to find a page with a value in an input field i take the right results but if i try to make the same with an input date field it not work as i want

i have two variables so my search is like this:


                if($articlecat!="" && $searchdate!=""){
		  $articles = $pages->find("date%=$searchdate, articleCat%=$articlecat, parent=[name=blog]");
		}elseif($articlecat=="" && $searchdate!="") {
		  $articles = $pages->find("date%=$searchdate, parent=[name=blog]");
		}elseif ($articlecat!="" && $searchdate==""){
		  $articles = $pages->find("articleCat%=$articlecat, parent=[name=blog]");
		}else {
		  $articles = $pages->find("parent=[name=blog]");

this working great for tag field (articleCat) but it's not working for date field (date)

the string in $date has this format: January-2016 and in my pages has this format: 12-January-2016
so i want to take all the pages that has January-2016 on their date field

can you help me?

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Dates are not saved as text, therefore you cannot use any text based selectors. You'd need to compare them based on date values (timestamps).

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You have a $searchdate of format January-2016 and the date that is saved in your page in field date is 12-January-2016?

PHP doesn't know by default that 12-January-2016 is a day within the month January of year 2016.

So you need to do some date calculations with PHP.

Try this to find out if "12-January-2016" lies within January 2016

// example code
// convert the saved date of the page to a timestamp
// $date = strtotime($page->date); // I assume the date is saved on the page in field date
$date = strtotime("12-January-2016");
// convert the $searchdate to a timestamp
$searchdate = strtotime("January-2016") + 1000;
// get first and last timestamp of the given month and year
$getdate = getdate($searchdate);
// get the month number (e.g. 1 for January)
$month = $getdate["mon"];
// get the year (e.g. 2016
$year = $getdate["year"];

// get first timestamp of that month in that year
$first = mktime(0,0,0,$month,1,$year);
// echo date('r', $first);

// get last timestamp of that month in that year
$last = mktime(23,59,00,$month+1,0,$year);
// echo date('r', $last);

// now check if $date is in the range between $first and $last
function check_in_range($first, $last, $date)
  // returns true if $date is in month January of year 2016 - else returns false
  return (($date >= $first) && ($date <= $last));

var_dump(check_in_range($first, $last, $date)); // either true or false

Now you can use check_in_range($first, $last, $date) in your if - elaseif statements.

Try the code live here.

PS: I don't know what it is, I just like to fiddle around with date calculations...

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thanks @gebeer


if anyone wants to do something like that
you have to add the gebeer code (without function in my case)
and just put this in find selector:
$articles = $pages->find("date>=$first, date<$last, parent=[name=blog], sort=date");

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