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No image shown for image field in admin


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I'm migrating a work-in-progress to 2.6.19 and the admin pages (page edit) don't show images of the image field. See attached. If I click where it says "Processwire" I get the image in a popup. Any idea why? It's this way in the standard admin theme as well as Reno.

If I add an image to a page the new image appears there until I save the page then when the page reloads it's back to "Processwire" again.



EDIT: Oh good a clue!

/demo26/wire/modules/AdminTheme/AdminThemeReno/styles/main.css.map is coming up 404.


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Still perplexed. I found that the admin's edit page embeds this javascript. Seems pretty indiscriminate to do that to all the img tags.

$( "img" ).attr({
src: "",
title: "Processwire.com",
alt: "Processwire.com",
height: "23px",
width: "auto"

Note that it clobbers the src attribbute.

Haven't yet found where that comes from.


It was the AdminThemeCustomizer module (version 0.0.1). Uninstalled that and no more problem.

Weirdly, I had noticed that months ago and forgot about it.

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