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Found 2 results

  1. Does ProcessWire have include the ability to automatically send a welcome message to new users when their account is created? I'd like to send new users their login information, as well as some helpful links related to ProcessWire and their project. Ideally, I'd like to be able to edit the message. Currently, I have the following set up in TextExpander. The capitalized words are changed using TextExpander's fill-in functionality. Dear EMAIL, Your new site has been successfully set up at: http://DOMAIN/ You'll use ProcessWire to manage your site's content. You can log into your administrator account with the following information: http://DOMAIN/processwire/ Username: USERNAME Password: PASSWORD (case-sensitive) Need to reset your password? Click on the 'Forgot your password?' link on the login page: http://DOMAIN/processwire/ Learn how to create a strong and secure password: http://www.google.com/goodtoknow/online-safety/passwords/ What makes ProcessWire so great? Learn about the set of features designed to make working with your content easy and enjoyable: http://processwire.com/ Find out what makes ProcessWire unique from other content management systems: http://processwire.com/about/what/ We hope you enjoy your new site!
  2. AndyDE

    just another kraut :]

    hey community1 for about 3, 4 months, the task "say hello to pw-community" was my faithful companion on my daily tasklist, but now its really time to say hello, hello community! you may dont know me but for me as forums-consumer it feels a little bit like i always knowing you, at least the main characters here, so, mh: hi, i'm andy! :] some words about me i'm 29yr old, live in the east of the banana republic germany and run a small agency focussed on web & communication. most of the work is getting done by myself, so at least, the agency is only for them who questioned me "andy, what if you are getting sick or... lost?", you know. i am an autodidact-one, starting in ~2003. i'm not really the geeky one but for sure i love to see my functions working, even now in pw and without ugly workarounds². i'm also in love with the graphical site of the job. at least i walked alone most of my way, so i'am focussed on some other points, too. how i found you after years of beeing the "slave" of my daily workbench i decided to take a look over my joomla-horizon and the first i found was this pw. i watched the videos of ryan describing pw, i looked into the forums and i decided to stay here for a while and till today i'am impressed by the friendliness and helpfulness in this place and at least, yeah, by the answers itself. ;D well, back to offtopic, as already mentioned i come from joomla and since january i'm on the pw-trip. after intensive testing i began to porting/building some kind of groupware: clients/projects/milestones/tasklist/calender/multi-sync/documentation/data-management/billing/communication/billing and so on. actually i try to implement it as a modul with fields/fieldtypes. a webapp for local/mobile allready running nearly stable (working on w7x64 & a.i.3gs) and for firefox i will put out 2 addons. i hope that i could share a stable site profile and the webapp till the end of april. so if somebody is waiting for such kind of stuff and maybe has some questions or requests... let me know. :] after this, i'll create some kind of a migration-automatic and migrate my joomla-websites to pw. i'll try the multi-domain-solution of pw for this. also i think about a joomla look'n'feel in pw-admin (not for me and only just a little bit,- but for the beginners under the pw-starters coming from joomla), so maybe more joomla-overloaded ones may have a good time, too. (please notice that i don't wanna slander the J!-community or their work) in general my next open source (and pw) projects focussed on automate some basic stuff (also seo/scheme), bundle functionality from a few local programs, keeping availability on other platforms (e.g. via xulrunner/webapp, js&local storage/db, or python) and compatibility to all those data-services to making more people able to run their own cms/tasklists/social-activities/clouds and keeping their private data where it belongs to. apropos: some point that i wont miss in this context i am a little bit pissed off a few people around the world, maybe called "the markets" or fiat-banks, their puppets who claim to speak for us and their shiny matrix they pulled around too many of us since today and so i have to do something against it, i thought. it depressed me a long time and i tryd many things but i only got more sick. so my only idea now is to give all my attention to the open source community, helping to speed up the slowly upcoming "collective intelligence" in this world wide network and so making the television a lil bit more yesterday. in fact, the revolution will not be televised. as citizen of one of the worlds most corruptest nation i totally agree with these words. i'm born in eastern germany, so this is not the first paradigm-change in my life. but i hope, its the last one. so, thats it. i'm happy to check this task done. sorry for my definitly not so fluffy english and sorry @ tl;dr, i usally keep it shorter. many thanks to ryan and best regards to you people. lets hope the world will turn around and go an also fluffy way. have a good time & thank you for your audience. :] andy p.s.: hallo landsleute! :]
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