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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everyone, I made a walkthrough of a web app I built using ProcessWire for the Tenova Group mining company. They needed an intranet application to keep track of their daily plant operations. I designed and developed a ProcessWire solution that would allow registered employees at Tenova HYL to record events regularly in an event log. Storing all of the events in this manner would allow registered users to find the events they're looking for using keyword search, date filters as well as filters based on other criteria. Each event also allows the user to upload supporting files for download, such as Word documents and PDFs, as well as upload relevant images to be displayed in a modal window. A high-performing, powerful solution using the ProcessWire CMS. Read about the project here in my portfolio. See the video here: Tina Holly tinaciousdesign.com
  2. I would like to build web application using PW because I love ProcessWire so much the way it's built. What I am looking for is that to use my own relational tables to store data instead of the PW fields. Can anyone help me out to build web application using PW?
  3. Hi guys, So, I've been working with ProcessWire quite a bit now and have pretty much transferred most all of the development work that I possible can to PW and it is doing a GREAT job! It is so easy to do complicated tasks. I have a new project that I am working on. I am building some integrations from the Amazon MWS SDK. I have built a queue system to send emails through Amazon's Simple Email Service API so that way the email is coming from their servers... The purpose of the application for now is to store new orders that come in to a sellers account, When that order ships, I want to trigger an email for different time periods (24 hours later, 48 hours later, etc...) Anyways, I have set up 3 pages in ProcessWire. Scheduled Emails Email to Send Sent Emails I have 3 Cron Jobs Set Up A script that runs every 10 minutes and grabs all orders that were placed in the last 15 MINUTES from an Amazon Sellers account and stores it under a page in ProcessWire that I call "Orders" if it isn't there already. If it finds an order that has just shipped, it looks at another script that gives instructions about when to send an email to that person. After this, the script creates a page under "Scheduled Emails" with a few fields including the email that should be sent and the time that it should be sent. The second Cron Job is checking the Scheduled Emails page for children that the current time is greater than the time to send field. If the time to send has passed, then that page is added to the Emails To Send page. The Third Cron Job grabs the emails pages from Emails to Send and loops through them sending the emails from the page fields. This script regulates the rate at which this email is sent via the Amazon API, etc.. With all of that said, the issue I am having here is this: I'm having a scalability dilemma. If this system had say 3,000 users who are Amazon Sellers, I have a major timing problem. I cannot grab data for all 3,000 users from the API at the same time. If I get a portion of them every few minutes with the Cron instead, then I may miss orders because my query for orders in the last 15 minutes might not work. Plus if I looped through like that, there might be a big delay on when orders are actually updated. I would like to have the most up-to-date information possible! If you guys have any suggestions or direction to be able to download data from an API at the same time with this many users and keep everything running smooth, I would really, really appreciate it! Thank You in advance! - Brian
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