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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I'm hammering out the details of a project for a consortium of counseling organizations. They need a new site for sharing private case information and related knowledge, and they have a very small budget. My question is: Is this site a good fit for ProcessWire, or should I build this using a Wiki engine like MediaWiki or DokuWiki? Or something else? Here are some of the requirements: The site is access-protected so that only authorized accounts can see any site content at all—approximately 20 active users at a given time. Content types: The majority of content would be informational articles in formatted text, but the site will give them easy control over a dynamic, hierarchical category list under which content can be easily organized. They will also need to upload and link to documents, including PDFs and Word docs. All content, including uploaded files, would be available only to logged-in user accounts. Multiple editors: Users can update text, create new pages, add categories, and upload and link documents. All users would have editor privileges, but they anticipate fewer than 10 will actually do it. Recent updates: They want a section that lists recent substantial updates to the site. Based on the discussion, they prefer not to include minor article edits (like a phrase being changed to bold, for example), but only edits that change the content in substance—sounds like this could easily be accomplished with an internal blog. Alerts: Any member can post a comment on an article to note current questions or issues about the content. The purpose is to resolve the questions or issues and improve the article content, not to maintain a persistent discussion about article content. Full-text search Quick navigation: A concise list of links to highest-traffic content will be available on every page. This navigation menu should be easy to add, remove, sort, or edit links by the editors. I have two further requirements, for my own sake: Simplicity of user-facing interface: I don't want the publishing software to present the editors with superfluous configuration and options they might use to break the site, or require extensive documentation for. Stablility, security, and ease of maintenance: I don't want to introduce security vulnerabilities or create long-term maintenance difficulties simply by customizing the front-end page designs. It occurs to me that Wiki software has most of the above features built-in. But I have a few misgivings about using a Wiki: Wikis include a lot of built-in functionality that I imagine would make it incredibly complex to create a skin. I know that ProcessWire would allow me to write my own markup, and keep the page designs as simple as possible. I'm also afraid that I might introduce security vulnerabilities or maintainability problems if I create my own skin for a Wiki. I know that ProcessWire enables you to include back-end functionality in front-end templates, but you don't have to do that. I'm confident that I would have to do some obvious and deliberately reckless design in order to create any security problems with ProcessWire. On the other hand, I don't want to spend weeks building out functionality that a Wiki, or other easily-available software, offers with basic installation. Any guidance, warnings, advice, or further thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Cheers! John
  2. Hi everyone, I made a walkthrough of a web app I built using ProcessWire for the Tenova Group mining company. They needed an intranet application to keep track of their daily plant operations. I designed and developed a ProcessWire solution that would allow registered employees at Tenova HYL to record events regularly in an event log. Storing all of the events in this manner would allow registered users to find the events they're looking for using keyword search, date filters as well as filters based on other criteria. Each event also allows the user to upload supporting files for download, such as Word documents and PDFs, as well as upload relevant images to be displayed in a modal window. A high-performing, powerful solution using the ProcessWire CMS. Read about the project here in my portfolio. See the video here: Tina Holly tinaciousdesign.com
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