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Found 2 results

  1. Gave my first client training yesterday on using ProcessWire. I've built approx 7 sites so far in PW but this was the first scenario where I was handing off to a client and training them in. It was interesting to see where the client had issues and where they had praise. Their site had previously been running on a different CMS so they were familiar with the general workings but also had a lot of expectations on how the CMS would work. Positives Overall the feedback was extremely positive. Here's just a couple I recall They also loved the simplicity of the Add New button when I had mapped it to creating various pages etc Negatives In truth there was no 'negative' feedback as such. A few misunderstandings about the UI as follows 1. There were some issues dragging images onto the image drop zone. It just wasn't clear where client should release the image. I think this area could be cleaned up a bit? 2. When browsing the tree, the client would sometimes repeatedly click a page title instead of the 'edit' link to the right of the page title. 3. When they clicked 'View' or the Home icon on the top menu (Reno Theme) the site would load in the same browser window and sometimes they would loose changes. Personally, I've always thought these 'View' links should open a new tab and have found them annoying. 4. Found the new image crop UI confusing. I've gotten used to it but i'm not new to image management. Possibly the only time training came to a dead stop and we had to rewind a bit. That's it really. Will write a proper blog post about this soon with more detail.
  2. Peter Knight

    Testament to PW

    Here's a nice little PW story. Working on a large-ish PW site at the moment. I'm not dealing directly with the business owner right now. Rather, my contact & client is a friend of the business owner. Having provided him with login details and a PW admin account, we agreed that the business owner should not yet be given login details. We've a few months before training is supposed to begin and site needs a little back-end housekeeping. IE fields need to be labelled correctly templates named more sensibly etc. I discovered recently that the business owner had prematurely been given login details and is already making content changes. This is so contrary to my client experiences with other CMS's that it's cheered me right up. Normally, even after extensive training, clients can choose the wrong templates have problems uploading and adding images generally have *some* issues adding content This is not a fault of the client but rather a problem with the CMS thats built for technical end-users instead of content editors. It just confirms to be completely why PW is the right CMS for this site. And BTW, the business owner isn't very tech-savvy and has never used a CMS before.
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