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Found 2 results

  1. Hi there I'm struggling with my embedded youtube videos. They're too big on mobile. I am using the VideoEmbed module from processwire. I tried this method: http://avexdesigns.com/responsive-youtube-embed/ It works, but for one single video. I have a Textarea with text and multiple embedded youtube-links, and it goes crazy, when I use the above method. Website: http://olikehrli.ch/videos/ My code: <div class="row"> <div class="small-12 large-8 medium-8 medium-push-2 columns" id="bgvideo" > <? echo $page->Videos; ?> </div> </div> Do I have to put these videos in seperate textareas? Thanks for any suggestions Jakob
  2. I'm getting to know Processwire relatively well, and now I have a nice big challenge ahead of me and I'm trying to lay out my plan of attack. One of my peers reckons I should use WordPress Multisite, which I know is definitely a viable option, but I would much prefer to use Processwire. I know it's not a question of "Is it possible?" It definitely is. It's just a question of "What's the better approach?" Here's the situation: I'm setting up a service that will build site pages for multiple clients (aka baby sites) but all under one domain (aka mothership). The baby sites will use folders, not subdomains. Most of the baby sites will be one page only, but some may stretch to three pages *gasp*. And of course each baby site will have a completely unique look - so there'll be as many templates as there are babies and potentially more templates than babies. The mothership will be its own site with its own pages discussing how to become a baby and the benefits of being a baby. So it will look something like this: mothership dot com - with about 4 of its own pages mothership dot com/baby1 mothership dot com/baby2 and so on up to about baby1000 (potentially) Now here's my thought process. NON NEGOTIABLE - Use Processwire NEGOTIABLE: 1. One PW site, each baby is just its own page with child pages where necessary 2. One PW core install, each baby is a separate PW site running from the same core wire. PROS and CONS of the two alternatives as I see them: Alternative 1: PROS - Really easy to install and just create the babies as pages on the main site tree. Easy to update core and modules/plugins CONS - Will it become difficult to maintain as the babies approach the thousands? Will it scale or will it crash? Will it become a future model of the dangers of putting all your eggs (or babies) in one basket? Alternative 2: PROS - Would be nice and easy to maintain from one core, since I only have to update just the one wire folder. Might scale easier since they're different sites, each with just a few pages. Any other advantages? CONS - Don't even know if this is doable? - Would I need to update each site's modules separately? Annoying Your thoughts and recommendations are much appreciated by the mothership and the many babies, and by me of course
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