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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I am currently building a intranet with hundreds of posts. One planned feature is, that each logged-in user can see what post he has already read. So I have added a page reference field „readPosts“ to the user template and save each post as page to this page reference field when visiting the post. This could lead to hundreds of pages in this single page reference field. Because of this I was wondering, if anybody has experience in how good the page reference field can scale? Can it handle hundreds of page references or could there be a downside to the performance? As far as I can see, in the database only the user id, page id and sort number would be saved. So theoretically there would be no performance issue. The alternativ would be to save the user directly in the post as page reference. Would that be the better solution? 😉 Regards, Andreas
  2. Hello everyone, I'm new to Processwire and so far things are going very well. However, I'm having trouble with one thing that would help dynamically grow the website. Below is my code that will get the pages under the root directory and list the pages from the specified folder. <ul id="trending"> <?php $root = $pages->get("/politics/2017/01/17/"); $children = $root->children("limit=5"); $children->prepend($root); foreach($children as $child) { echo "<li><a href='{$child->url}'>{$child->title}</a></li>"; } ?> </ul> Is there a way that I can have php automatically search for the newest folder under my directory, meaning the new date? I go by the date (yyyy/mm/dd) when organizing my pages, and it would be helpful if php automatically got the newest folder (day) without me having to change the folder each day in php. $root = $pages->get("/politics/2017/01/17/"); Thank you for the help, Jesse
  3. Hello PW lovers! I'd like to ask something that I haven't seen discussed much around here. We're currently at the early stages of planning a buy and sell site. I have been using processwire for more than a year, and I have always been impressed (and thankful) at the ease and speed that it lets you roll things out the door. This is the primary reason that processwire is on top of our list. We are projecting (hoping) that the site will get lots of hits, and it's nature is very image intensive. While i know for certain that processwire scales very well, I can't help but worry that in time, it would not hold. So what I really what to know is if anyone ever tried to run processwire on one server, with its database on another server and possibly multiple database servers with load balancing. If not, how hard would it be to accomplish this? We're not afraid to put in a lot of effort to get this working as this is a long term project. Any insight about this would be greatly appreciated, as always. Thank you. Oh, and congrats on Bitnami win! Processwire really deserved that!
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