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Found 2 results

  1. I'm sorry I cannot give examples and have very little clue what's happening. Did I change a flag months ago? Did I experiment and save something wrong in a config somewhere? I don't know, but this is what's happening: Thousands of pages are created over time (months). They appear to be repeater "ready pages". The pages are of status 3073 (statusOn | statusHidden | statusUnpublished). They are children of legit pages, but invisible, yet dragging every query down to the point of timing PHP out. The template is a repeater field w/ 2 fields in it. There is no data in the field_* tables for these pages; there are only pages rows, lots of them! Using version 2.5.3. To clean is up I do: delete pages WHERE templates_id=245 and status=3073 and the noise goes away. However I have no idea how the noise gets introduced over time... ? There were 9,368 pages the last time I did this. Here's the data for this template. Any hint would be appreciated. thanks. === template row: id : 245 name : repeater_boooking_price (sic) fieldgroups_id : 299 flags : 8 cache_time : 0 data : {"noChildren":1,"noParents":1,"slashUrls":1,"noGlobal":1} === fieldgroups_fields rows: fieldgroups_id : 299 fields_id : 344 sort : 0 fieldgroups_id : 299 fields_id : 337 sort : 1 === fields row: id : 345 type : FieldtypeRepeater name : booking_price flags : 0 name : ----- label : ----- data : {"template_id":245,"parent_id":1585,"repeaterReadyItems":3,"repeaterFields":[344,337]} === pages row: id : 1585 parent_id : 1039 templates_id : 2 name : for-field-345 status : 17 sort : 1 name1258 : status1258 : 0
  2. Anyone out there with 5 minutes spare to help me with a jQuery puzzle? Probably quite simple for anyone with half a brain and a bit more skill than me I can give you a link to the site. It basically involves a hidden area to the side which slides in when clicked upon. (So far so good). The thing is when you hover over the bit of the hidden area that's displayed, it pops out a bit further to tease you with the content. When you click on the link the whole area slides into view. The issue is that when it pops out on hover, I'd like the whole area to become a clickable link so that the user doesn't have to go back to the original link to get the slide to take place. (Confused yet?) All this is still fine. Where I'm stuck is that once the (whole page) link has been clicked upon, that link needs to disappear otherwise all the content on that page becomes one big link. I've tried using wrap and unwrap and I'm now wondering whether it's even possible!
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