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Found 3 results

  1. Hi again, after trying pages2PDF, RockPDF and mpdf I'm not sure which of them I should use. Of course, there is also wirePDF. I merged mpdf with rockPDF, add a footer and a page in Landscape and that works, like in the code-snippet below but be am I on the right way? After that I tried a couple of times rendering an image. Nothing happend, the same with Pages2PDF too. I also copied an Image-URL within processwire and tried further getting an Image within the PDF-Document, but it still display only the red marked placeholder. I simply would like create an PDF on click from some Pages including the Images. Are there special requirements on Debian 10 with Apache and php 7.3 using Processwire 3.0.123.? Is there a guide that I didn't found? Is somebody out there who has a similar issue solved and would you be so kind to explain? $pdf = $modules->get('RockPdf'); $mpdf = $pdf->mpdf; # $mpdf->showImageErrors = true; $pdf->set('SetHeader', 'header text'); $mpdf->AddPage('L'); # $mpdf->Image(urlencode('site/assets/files/1845/image-2.275x200.jpg'), 0, 0, 210, 297, 'jpg', '', true, false); $pdf->set('SetFooter', ' <table width="100%"> <tr> <td width="33%">{DATE j.m.Y}</td> <td width="33%" align="center">{PAGENO}/{nbpg}</td> <td width="33%" style="text-align: right;">whatever</td> </tr> </table>'); $pdf->show(); // generate pdf
  2. Hi everyone, [edit: do not loose your time reading this post, I solved it by disabling cache in the Pages2Pdf module... sorry πŸ˜“] I do not know if I should post on the Pages2Pdf thread or here. Mods, feel free to move the post. Since three days I am scratching my head to understand a weird thing happening with $session and $config->debug used in conjunction with Pages2Pdf module. For information, I tested it on a fresh install of ProcessWire 3.0.96 with PHP-7.0.28 and Pages2Pdf-1.1.7 (domain: http://session.sites.sek/). I will try to explain what is going on. What I am trying to achieve : In a template, I need to set some sessions variables which are then echo'd in the PDF document. (on the test installation, the basic-page template (page /about/?pages2pdf) serve the PDF, the home and sitemap template set the session variable.) The problem : From the template sitemap, I set a variable: $session->setFor('pdf', 'myvar', 'Session set from Sitemap template'); From the template home, I set a variable: $session->setFor('pdf', 'myvar', 'Session set from Home template'); Then in the PDF default template, I echo the session variable: <p>Session: <?= $session->getFor('pdf', 'myvar'); ?></p> Now I turn ON debug mode ($config->debug = true) : Then I navigate to "http://session.sites.sek/home/" and the session variable "myvar" is set to "Session set from Home template". Then I navigate to "http://session.sites.sek/sitemap/" and the session variable "myvar" is set to "Session set from Sitemap template". Now I want my PDF document, so I navigate to "http://session.sites.sek/about/?pages2pdf=1" and I get my PDF document with the right session var : "Session set from Sitemap template" For the moment, nothing special happen. Everything work great. We are in debug mode. Now I turn OFF debug mode ($config->debug = false) : Then I navigate to "http://session.sites.sek/home/" and the session variable "myvar" is set to "Session set from Home template". Then I navigate to "http://session.sites.sek/sitemap/" and the session variable "myvar" is set to "Session set from Sitemap template". Then I navigate back to "http://session.sites.sek/home/" and the session variable "myvar" is set back to "Session set from Home template". Now I want my PDF document - as expected, the "myvar" should be set to "Session set from Home template" - so I navigate to "http://session.sites.sek/about/?pages2pdf=1" and here the problem happen. Instead of echoing "Session set from Home template" in the PDF document, the phrase "Session set from sitemap" is echo'd (the last value recorded before switching from debug ON). I made two small screencasts to show the issue : DEBUG ON (Everything is OK) DEBUG OFF I am missing something ? EDIT: YES, you are dumb! Why it is working with debug mode ON and not vice-versa ? Is there someone who already spotted this strange behavior ? Is there a PHP settings which should be modified ? ==================================================== Edit: I needed to post just to figure myself that Pages2Pdf cache the document when $config->debug is false. 😬😬😬
  3. Hello PW Community, Do you know how to export current page's map as a pdf? Extended explanation: I have a template which has lots of fields, among which there is a field "geolocation" populated by the googlemapmarker module. Now, I wish to export the whole template as a pdf (with pages2pdf module), but the normal code that works on the ordinary pw's templates does not seems to work within the Pages2pdf dedicated templates. Below the code (working but not producing anything within Pages2pdf module): // alternative 01 <?php $map = $modules->get('MarkupGoogleMap'); echo $map->render($page, 'geolocation'); ?> // alternative 02 <?php $page = wire('page'); $map = $modules->get('MarkupGoogleMap'); echo $map->render($page, 'geolocation'); ?> Thanks in advance!
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