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Found 4 results

  1. Hello to all, This time, I'm stuck on an issue with a 'find' request. I have found a turnaround, but I have no idea what's going on, really, and I wish I could understand. My code is the following : $nbEl = $player->places->count(); $items = $pages->find("template=place|item|equipment, GC<=$player->GC, level<=$player->level, freeActs<=$nbEl")->sort("template, name"); If I explain briefly : the $items should contain the possible elements for a player according to his level and GC (gold coins), and freeActs, i.e. the number of already 'bought' places. If the 1st line $nbEl returns a number higher than 0, it 'works', I get some items. BUT if the player has not bought any place yet and then $nbEl = 0, $items is... empty whereas it should contain all elements being accessible with a 0 'freeAct' field (and there are many). I have tried to hard-code 'freeActs<=0', I get no items. 'freeActs<=1', I get some nice results' AND THEN, 'freeActs=0' and it works as expected So here's my 'workaround' : $nbEl = $player->places->count()+1; $items = $pages->find("template=place|item|equipment, GC<=$player->GC, level<=$player->level, freeActs<$nbEl")->sort("template, name"); Note the 'freeActs<$nbEl' instead of 'freeActs<=$nbEl' and the '+1' for $nbEl so not to start at 0... Then, it works as expected !?!? Does someone have an explanation for this ? Thanks in advance if you do. And don't hesitate asking me for more details/explanations if you need.
  2. Hello, I'm having a little question with this part of code : $rank = $pages->get("template=team, name=$selectedTeam")->rank->name; if ( $rank == '4emes' || $rank == '3emes' ) { $allPlayers = $pages->find("template=player, team.name=$selectedTeam"); $allConcerned = new pageArray(); $notConcerned = new pageArray(); foreach($allPlayers as $p) { // Find players having at least 3 free elements if ($p->places->count()+$p->people->count() >= 3) { $allConcerned->add($p); } else { $notConcerned->add($p); } } $notConcerned = $notConcerned->implode(', ', '{title}'); /* $allConcerned = $pages->find("template=player, team.name=$selectedTeam, (people.count+places.count>=3)"); // Find players having at least 3 places OR 3 people */ /* $notConcerned = $pages->find("template=player, team.name=$selectedTeam, (places.count+people.count<3)")->implode(', ', '{title}'); */ It works fine the way it is, but I just want to make sure that the commented part is not possible with PW (yet?) : having a selector such as people.count+places.count>=3. I feel like it would be more concise and more readbable/maintainable (2 lines instead of 11). Thanks in advance for your insight and advice
  3. I have the following selector: wire("pages")->find("template=news|video, parent|secondary_categories=$page, limit=8, sort=-publish_date, sort=title"); parent represents the parent of the current page $page is the object representing the current page secondary_categories is a field assigned to the "news" and "video" templates, it is of type "Page" and it uses ASMSelect for selecting multiple pages So basically, what I'm telling ProcessWire is: "Get me 8 pages that use either the 'news' OR 'video' template, AND that also have the current $page as their parent OR that have a reference to the current $page within their secondary_categories field". The problematic part is: parent|secondary_categories=$page The OR operator is not working - I'm only getting pages where the parent is $page, and none where $page is in secondary_categories.
  4. I'd like to make the search in the PW Admin a little more fuzzy (able to match partial terms etc). Can I somehow change the default operator from "~=" to "%=" ? In the admin theme I'm using, the form is generated like this: $searchForm = $user->hasPermission('page-edit') ? $modules->get('ProcessPageSearch')->renderSearchForm() : ''; Can I pass a parameter to the renderSearchForm() function, or something similar without changing the core? Thanks!
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