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Found 6 results

  1. I am looking for a automated CRM solution for my website. The end goals is to use a CRM tool (for segmentation) to go with a tool for email automation. I am really struggling to find information on this topic. Please reach out to me with tipps or resolutions.
  2. Hi, I used this CMS only in test phase and never on a Live site because I am still "Studying" it and I have some questions for you. For a client that owns a Club (120 members) that has also a restaurant, I need to create a member website with these features: Admin side: 1. The admin should be able to create custom filed for the members (Adress 1, Adress 2, Company, etc. etc.) "Budget" will be one of this custom field: every member has an amount of money when they join the club. Money they can use for restaurant etc. 2. The admin will have a "Add Bill" function where he can add Bills from the restaurant for every member. The amount of the Bill will be then detracted to the Members budget. Example: The member Kevin White has a budget of 1000 Euros, he goes to the restaurant and spends 20. Actualized budget: 980 Euros. 3. The admin will have a section called "Members" where he can see an overview of the members and the open bills they have to pay 4. The admin can creates events for members. The events can have maximum numbers of applications and every member can decide to come with someone. 5. The admin can send via email a report to the members with the Negativ "Balance". Member side: 1. Every member will have an overview of the Bills from the restaurant 2. Every member can join events. That's it. So my main question is: Can I do this with processwire? When yes can please you suggest me the right modules? Many many many thanks
  3. My next project is to build a complete CRM. A few things that are making me thing to choose between Processwire and CodeIgniter are listed below. I am good in Processwire And will love to do this project in it, if possible. 1--I have to build separate Modules for HRM, accounts ,sales etc. as per client need we would give subscription to any of our modules to clients 2-- when all the module will be developed then we will integrate all and deliverer full CRM to clients on subscription base only. 3-- Right now I am thinking to put this all on cloud(I am new to cloud,Suggest me if I am wrong.) SO is all these things possible with Processwire? if yes please suggest steps/process. Thanks Furquan Syed
  4. SomeDay Tool I'm working on a series of restricted collaborative websites that are geared towards me working with my clients. It's a mashup of CRM, Project/Task Management, Tracking, Documentation and Configuration Control features. Everything is controlled by PW Roles. It's a tool that allows me to have a great deal of transparency with those I work with. The objective is to easily know the who, what, when, where and how of whatever is being worked on. I call it a Collaborative Resource Management System (CRMS) which has the nickname of SomeDay. I currently have one of these websites for each of my important clients and an additional one to keep track of my internal work. They all use the inherent native power of PW to produce specialized status reports. The websites intentionally incorporates the front-end and back-end of the PW platform. There is a lot of information stored within this type of website, what I like to call an Information Portal. You are able to easily query a status and get a good view of what's going on. This is a long-term ongoing project and I will update this post as more features/capabilities are added. Meanwhile, here are a few pictures of the CRMS Tool: Figure 1-3 (The SomeDay Tool for one of my clients) Figure 1 (Login courtesy of Adrian's Protected Mode Module) Figure 2, Homepage is a summary of all information Figure 3, Each item can be clicked on to get to detailed information Figures 4-7 (My internal SomeDay Tool website) Figure 4, (Login) Figure 5, Homepage Summary for my internal work Figure 6 , Homepage Summary Figure 7, FlagPages showing Bookmarks Figures 8-11 (Looking at a Task) Figure 8, Front-end view Figure 9, Back-end view (editing) Figure 10, Place for adding Priority or Statuses Figure 11, Private Tab only available to selected PW Roles Figures 12 and 13 (Site Structure) Figure 12, CRMS structural flow Figure 13, Tasks and Sub-Tasks can be added to Projects Figures 14-16 (Customized Reports) Figure 14, Review all items based on what type of work it is Figure 15, Review items based on their status Figure 16, Listing of all items with a status category of Active That's it for now.
  5. Very much sold on Processwire (thanks Ryan et al) and looking to supplant various dev stacks with it. Have a local charity needing a system to look after a collection of client records and produce a bunch of reports on how the clients engage with the support services. Basic func. spec: CRUD operations on clients - all fine for PW, I know though if anyone knows of some code/modules to aid in this... Secure logon for limited no users - I know I can do this for the back-end but I'll need much simpler front-end interaction for the users. Is there any way to 'tap into' this back-end login/registration/forget password functionality and expose it at the front-end? To handle custom reporting, I'm guessing I pass form values (using ajax?) to PHP functions that invoke the PW engine to retrieve certain pages. In effective, I'm building a simple CRM (can't find a simple-enough commercial one!). Any guidance/assurances on suitability of PW welcome, Thanks and thanks for the great work input so far on PW, J
  6. Hi there! I just started using PW about a week ago and I'm loving it so far -- it's so much more powerful and flexible than Wordpress, where I came from. I don't think I'll ever go back to Wordpress unless I'm actually making a blog. I'm building a website for a sports league nonprofit, and the time has really come for a CRM / member management solution, because we have about 150 teams and each team has around 20 individual members each. We're looking into Salesforce, which I know can integrate with PW, but it has a lot of features we don't really need and doesn't seem like a perfect fit, so I'm looking into CiviCRM as well. Has anyone used CiviCRM with PW? I know they have a version that integrates with Wordpress, and does anyone have any idea how hard it would be to tailor to work with PW? I'm on the beginner end of the intermediate spectrum with PHP; I've built tons of Wordpress templates with a lot of customization, though I trip up a bit with object-oriented PHP. I have a lot of time to learn and improve, though! Thanks in advance!
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