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Found 3 results

  1. Hello Processwire-Community, i just wanted to greet you because i think its a better way to introduce myself. I didnt found a better Thread to do this, so i think im not wrong to post this here. If i missed the specific Thread, then dont mind moving my ass there. First of all, im German. Im 19 years old, very young and i have no idea how i found processwire. Maybe its because other CMS-Systems seems a little bit too packed for creating my stuff. If i wanna program something, i want to know why i writed this and where my mistakes are. Only then i can improve in this matter. So, with this in mind, i picked Pw, because most user say it gives a wide freedom to do stuff you wanna do. I already started with my project, but there re some questions rolling in my head, so i wanna ask them here. If you have knowledge about it, i would appreciate it if you could give me an answer. If not, post some random bbcode-spam under this thread and think of something joyful . 1. Processwire gives the option to create pages and so on. Its useful, yes, but what if i wanna display only the content of a .php-file over the URL and place it in my template? So that i dont need to write my whole template for every .php-file that i include? 2. And while we are at it: how does the parent- and child-system work with the URL? If i, say, make an "foreach" for every link i have posted in a database-table called "navigation_links" and now get the ROOT-path + this link, how can i tell processwire to accept it? If use use it like this: and try to use it, it says to me "404 not found", but i just navigate it to the .php file i have created in my folder. 3. @ryan: i have read your post about the login-example here: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/107-custom-login/ . if i wanna use this as an external .php-file, it works. But i wanna use it as an component on my site. For this, there is a little problem: First of all, if i click on the Login-button, it does nothing. The Page stays where it is and doesnt redirect me to a page called "login_successful.php". Second, if i watch in the database the session_throttle, it lets me stay in the attempts and the date. So the Informations didnt get transmitted. Here is the Code, i would appreciate it if you could give me help with this. Maybe im missing something. Please remember im just testing the functions. I will change it until i have my results.: /templates/login.php (Makes decisions if a User is LoggedIn or not and includes the file i need) <?php if($user->isLoggedin()) { include("loggedin_form.php"); } else { include("login_form.php"); } ?> /templates/login_form.php (Gives a Form to write username and password and transmit it) <!-- This Form gives an login-form to login or register to the site--> <?php if($input->post->user && $input->post->pass) { $user = $sanitizer->username($input->post->user); $pass = $input->post->pass; if($session->login($user, $pass)) { $session->redirect("login_successful.php"); } else { $session->redirect("login_unsuccessful.php"); } } ?> <div id="login_form"> <?php if($input->post->user) echo "<h2 class='error'>Login failed</h2>"; ?> <form action='./' method='post'></form> <input type='text' value="Username" name='user' /> <input type='password' value="password" name='pass' /> <input type='submit' name='submit' value='Login' /></p> </div> Register will follow later, i will use another table for that. 4. If i wanna use an function-library, which folder-structure is identical to my components-folder and wanna limit every component i have in it to the "function" folder and dont allow other functions to work unless i say it in an "func_global.php", how can i do that? Over URL? Or do i need to make an attempt for everytime i call my component to search in the function-folder for a folder with the same name as the folder my .php file is placed in? This seems a little bit too much coding, so if someone has a better idea, please dont mind posting it here. I would appreciate it. This seems enough for the start. Sorry for my bad english, i still need to learn stuff. But its better to ask than never know it. With Greetings, JamesHemmingworth
  2. Peter Knight

    Saying "hi"

    Hi guys. Just wanted to properly say "hi" and thank everyone for all the help lately. I'd been posting as "sparrow" for many months while I got started and many of the regulars here have been a great help. I'm an independent web designer from Dublin, Ireland, and my primary CMS is MODX. A while ago I decided that 3 CMS would be a good number to settle on and I began to evaluate Craft and PW. What attracted me to PW specifically has been all the good stuff I'm sure you already appreciate but in particular, I really like: PW fields and especially how powerful the Profields set are Lister (not released yet) Image management (native and CropImage etc. Image control is brilliant in PW) Fields control (allowing me to specify exactly which field(s) to display per template) How friendly the community is How communicative Ryan is re. the product and the fact that there is a roadmap and that roadmap is largely followed and updated The array of great Modules available etc etc. But basically, PW has been impossible to ignore with the recent adittions of Profields and Lister. I'm very much at the beginnings of my PW journey so to be balanced, these are the areas that I've found challenging: Speed. I find *just* having a tree slows my editing down a lot. Would love to see a tree on the left and the page edit on the right. Obviously, I'm coming to this from a MODX perspective Right-click Again, probably baggage from MODX but it's very useful to be able to right-click a page and duplicate, delete, move, hide from menu, quick-edit etc etc. I can't do this on PW. But mayeb there's not such a need. User control The user control and permissions look very basic. I'm used to much more fine grained control over which elements of the admin a client can see Manager appearance When I first installed PW I found the box-iness and colors a bit hard to settle into. Some of that may have just been TinyMCE which I replaced and I believe made a huge difference. I know there are lots of themes available so that's not an issue now but was definitely a "first impressions" thing. PHP That's not PWs fault. I've gotten used to working with tags so being pushed into a bit more PHP has been a challenge. I'm enjoying it though and feel my skills are slowly but surely coming on. So that's my 2cent. Thanks again for all the help so far and it's great to be part of yet another very friendly CMS community. On a side note, I have started a mini blog based on PW, Craft and MODX as I think they really are 3 of the best CMS available. Will update soon when I have a little more content.
  3. kongondo

    Hi Everyone

    Hi all, My first post. I’m Kongondo. I am coming in from MODX hence “recognise” a few faces here. After many, many months of contemplation and searching for a MODX replacement, I came across ProcessWire for the second time. First time I heard about ProcessWire was maybe a year or so ago. Back then, I checked it out but quickly moved on since it seemed like a “one-man-project”. I was also thrown off by the simple interface; I judged a book by its cover and thought no way this CMS is powerful…so I moved on. My search for a CMS continued....About a month and a half ago, I came across this post by Mademyday so I checked out ProcessWire once again, this time digging deeper into its guts and boy was I impressed! For the last one month I have read every Forum post, bookmarked key threads, watched the videos, dug into the demo site, Googled, etc. and installed and played with ProcessWire locally. Honestly, I have been blown away! Finding a replacement for MODX was tough; but now, I have found it. Ryan, congratulations; this is an amazing framework you’ve created and thanks for releasing it as open source. I am a “tutorials-kinda-guy” so I am already working on ProcessWire lessons which I hope to post on my website soon. I know there’s the Wiki work going on but I think the more lessons we have out there the better for ProcessWire. Then again, I’m not a fan of Wiki markup . Cheers /k
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