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  1. Hi Juergen, Is it possible to make that InputCheckbox won't be wrapped by label (like Select)? I have CSS problem, that now only label is visible and checkbox has 0 width. Now: <label class="label" for="form-check"> <input id="form-check" name="form-check" type="checkbox" class="checkbox" checked="">Label</label> I prefer: <input id="form-check" name="form-check" type="checkbox" class="checkbox" checked=""> <label class="label" for="form-check">Label</label> Also is there something like InputFileUpload because I couldn't find one? With optional label? <input type="file" id="myFile" name="form-filename">
  2. With adding ".PHP_EOL;" after every field on $form->render() would help reading page source easier, because now all form is one long line.
  3. Hi, I'm using https://html5up.net/story template and want to use unmodified css file. It wraps all form fields for inline fields alignment (name and email in example) and css use "form > .fields > .field ". If Div with class "fields" is outside form, then it don't works. I tested with new version and it works! Thank you for update! Also it would be useful to add something like setRequiredText(), because now I disabled default and added my text manually before form. Something like setErrorMsg() and setSuccessMsg().
  4. Hi, Is there a way to insert <div> inside <form></form>? I need to wrap all input fields, but addFieldwrapper() or $form->prepend() does not fit here. It works with str_replace, but then $tmp=form->render() doubles output.
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