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  1. It is now working. After trying everything I could think of I started over. Re-installed pw. Previously I had exported a profile from my server and imported that, this time I used the blank site profile and manually added all the fields. Not sure what was wrong, but it is working now.
  2. My goal is to use the Repeater field type to create blocks that I can stack on top of each other. The blocks can at the moment be either images or longform text (or contain both). I have everything set up, but I'm running into a problem where any data I add to the repeater field doesn't persist (doesn't appear to be saved). I've spent quite a bit of time poking around - any ideas what might be going on? I've tried this both locally and on my server. So my steps to repeat this are: create repeater item. select checkbox to include images or longform (doesn't make a difference which, or if both) NOTE: I'm just using these checkboxes to show/hide the editor UI elements save the page. Result: the added images are no more. Same with text added to "Longform" field. Any ideas where I can start looking? Thanks for any assistance. Images added: Resulting status: Added images not present: Repeater field setup: page fields setup:
  3. Yeah, definitely. This is one of those servers that I haven't even thought of for a few years. Thanks again.
  4. Got it working! I had a zipped copy of the version of PW I had installed, and replaced the wire directory with the old version. It must have been something with the file system...which is strange. I'll keep an eye on things but a little worried it'll happen again. Thanks for jumping in and helping out cstevensjr
  5. Ok - good to know. Yes I do have FTP access (and db access). PHP: 5.2.6 MySQL: 5.0.77
  6. Thanks for the info. The problem I'm facing with upgrading from 2.0 is that I can't access the admin area due to the error, which (as I understand it) is required to do an upgrade from 2.0 (see https://processwire.com/talk/topic/530-profile-export-module-also-upgrade-pw-20-to-21/) So without being able to upgrade I'm a bit stuck :/ Everything has been running smoothly for several years - definitely met the server requirements. My guess (I could be wrong) is that the old version had a vulnerability that was exploited? Is there any other way to upgrade? Another idea is to replace the 'wire' directory with a fresh copy of 2.0, in case something went wrong with the filesystem.
  7. Hello, I created a site with ProcessWire 2.0 a long time ago (years), and very recently this error cropped up on every single page load (can't get into admin): guest:/?/:Error:Class 'Page' not found (line 296 of /hsphere/local/home/freddysfatfender/freddysff.inconceivabledesign.com/wire/core/Pages.php) Of course the public facing error is "Unable to complete this request due to an error" Any idea what might be going on here? I was considering upgrading PW as a potential fix, but looks like upgrading from 2.0 isn't as simple as replacing the 'wire' directory. I know this is for a very old version of ProcessWire...but hoping to get things running again - and not quite sure where to start.
  8. Thanks Ryan, I will take a look at that module. I think your right about the name thing. I was thinking from a security perspective though. There is a limited amount of space, so I don't want to give the impression that anyone who finds it can enter their name, so It's going to be checking against a database of invited guests. If we do the names, then people will (with some trial/error) be able to see who is on the list. I guess this isn't some high security weapons locker though . Yeah I certainly want to capture guestbook entries when people RSVP, simply because it will make it easy and I think there will be more responses. Thanks for the advice!
  9. Hello, It's been a while since I last came here -- glad to see the project is still going so strong. I'm building a website for my sisters wedding, and I'm interested in input on how to go about this in ProcessWire. I'd like to have a reservation URL that will be on the invites. There, the visitor can enter a code printed on their invite (or maybe have it be in the URL). They can then select the number of guests attending or that they won't be attending, and write a guestbook entry if they choose. It's been so long since I've worked with ProcessWire and am out of the mindset...Could any of you experienced (or non-experienced) ProcessWireans point me in the right direction? I was thinking of adding a page with a particular template for each guest, but thought that maybe there was a better way. At first I was thinking of actually making each guest a user, but then that seemed overkill. For the guestbook my plan is to have a directory tree for all the guestbook entries, new page for each entry. Thanks for any input!
  10. Arkster

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    Thank you! Huray for another way to procrastinate!
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    Ryan, if you could send me an invite it would be greatly appreciated. austinkir at gmail
  12. This aint no car - it's a motorcycle with an aerodynamic body and a trick kick-stand. Bet it gets near 100 mpg...
  13. Yes, that is exactly what I was thinking, only better. Thank you! I think I'll go the easy way for now, and in my free time fool around with creating a module - I could see myself wanting to do this in the future, and I think having a gallery solution for PW would be great. Apeisa, I'm looking through your ProcessRedirects module trying to get an idea of how I might go about this, but I think I'll need to stare at it for a while more before it starts making sense to me.
  14. Thanks Apeisa and Ryan for your help! I looked and looked but somehow I missed that obvious bit in the docs. Apeisa, that sounds like a good solution for keeping visitors viewing the low-res versions of the pics. Only thing is that would require me to save-out two versions...not a big deal, but Ryan I think what you propose would work really well here. Actually, I guess I could make PHP do all the work going the two images per page approach too. I mainly want the high-res versions as a backup. I'll have to give it some more thought. Ryan I want to a create a separate page for each photograph because it seems like it would give me the most flexibility - this way I could build out the front-end to behave exactly as if it was one page need be, in addition to allowing someone to view details and a image description, maybe related images as well. Plus I want to get away from the whole lightbox craze (not that there is anything wrong with lightboxing images - it is quite elegant), and I want to give more importance to each image, allow bookmarking, etc. So it comes down to flexibility. But it sounds like PW is pretty flexible in this regard itself, it's good to know about the zip file unpacking abilities of PW. I'm a novice when it comes to this, so how would I go about creating a custom page in the backend? If I go to create a new page under "Admin", what is the "process" field and how would I add my own? I know I could just create a new template but it would be nice if it linked to/from and matched the rest of the backend. Would I go about this by building a module? Something that comes to mind is creating a normal page with it's own template that I can upload images to, give descriptions, etc.. Then just visit that page once, and have PHP in that template create new pages from it's own images and then delete them from itself. Next time around same thing. It would always be an empty page really. I could make the permissions such that only the admin when logged in could access this special page. What do you guys think about that solution? There is probably a much better way to do this.
  15. Hello, I'm wondering if there is a way to create a page using the API. I'm looking to create a photography type site that would house a lot of images, so I wanted to create a new page for each image. The way I was thinking I would do that is to code a page that would reside in the admin area with some kind of upload script integrated (eg. http://www.uploadify.com/) then to create a new page for each image uploaded and assign that image to images field, and then assign the EXIF data to fields of each of the newly created images. I also was thinking there could be a field called "tags" that when uploading could be filled out and assigned to the pages. Is it possible/recommended to create pages like this, or might someone have a better idea on how to create this type of site? Also, since I'd like all the images to exist in high-res, will it be possible to make the re-sized versions have a more cryptic filename (eg. "random_string.123x123.jpg" instead of "actual_filename.123x123.jpg") so people could not easily download the full resolution version, or would that be a lot of custom coding? Thank you, Austin
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