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  1. @kongondo how did you this animated gif? Sorry, figured it out myself...
  2. that worked. thank you @MoritzLost thank you @kongondo
  3. Hey, I'm on Processwire 3.0.164 and playing with users and roles on my local box. What sucks are the rules for password complexity. To be honest, I doubt the usefulness of rules on the complexity of passwords. but that's another story. How can i get rid of these password settings? Or just remove the digit requirements?
  4. thank you @Robin S kudos goes to @bernhard really helpful.
  5. hi there, Is there a module or other solution to select a template with a preview image? Sometimes it is not that easy to describe a template. e.g. Template with 3 columns (image, title, content, button) or template for a slider with max. 4 pictures. Even if it is nice to have a description field for a template, a picture says more than thousand words could describe. And no, I don't think I could develop something like that. I don't even know where to start.?
  6. @NooseLadder you could delete windows and install linux. ?
  7. I'm afraid it is. @kongondo Thank you. I'd thought so. But better safe than sorry, right?
  8. @Ivan Gretsky Thank you. I think you're right it will be really hard to maintain it this way. With the search you recommended, I found another way. I will try the combination with PageTable and PageTableExtended. This seems like a more elegant way to go. I just wonder if the PageTable module is an ProField or not. @Robin S Thank you. Yes, you are right, this is how it works. I just thought that this would somehow be possible in the backend as well.
  9. hi there everybody, I'm new to Processwire and I'm trying to figure out how things can be done. First of all i'm no developer so i have some difficulties with php and coding at all. So I tried to put some sections on the home page of the website I am going to create. The point is that i'm unsure if this is the way to go. Maybe there is an easier way or something completely different. I would like to do this without any plugins or some kind of stuff. How can i limit the amount of columns if i do it this way? ( a 3 column section can have only 3 columns right? ) And Yes i did read the tutorials. How do you guys do this? For a better understanding I have included some pictures. Thank you.
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